Don't Just Talk Speak

Don’t Just Talk, Speak!

American culture is full of so. much. noise. Everyone has a voice these days. The trouble is that everyone is talking, but not a lot of people are speaking. Speaking requires an understanding of the subject. Usually speakers have wrestled with their ideas, carefully chosen facts, and considered the mindset and receptivity of the audience. A Facebook rant can get people fired up, but does it really have any lasting impact? Are people considering the other’s perspective, or just becoming more entrenched in their own as they go on the defensive? If we want to impact the minds and hearts of the people around us, we had better quit talking and learn how to speak!

Public Speaking for Kids – Level One

Looking for a hands-on, no-prep way to teach your 1st-6th grader to speak up? I can think of no better tool than the Public Speaking for Kids program! After years of trying to find a great public speaking resource that got kids engaged and actually improving skills weekly, I decided to make my own. Feedback has been tremendously positive and making a real difference in children’s skill levels! There is no greater compliment.

Learn more about this great resource HERE. (Bonus! For the next 7 days only, the Teaching text and student workbook combo is 40% off. _

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