Individual License Agreement

Applies to:

• Anyone purchasing for use exclusively with a student in their immediate family in the context of their own home

• Anyone purchasing the program for personal use (e.g., an adult student)


• The Household License does not expire; it doesn’t need to be renewed. 


• Students must be in your immediate family in the same residence. Close friends, cousins, etc., meeting in your home do not constitute immediate family members.

• Photocopying or other duplication is ONLY permitted for immediate family members in the same household, for the digital download version only.  Photocopying or other duplication is NOT permitted in any form, for any person, if you hold the printed version.


• The Student Workbook may not be photocopied and used publicly, including to small groups at a co-op or private school, without purchase of a Group License.



Group License Agreement

Applies to:

• Students taking the program together who are not of a single household, who plan to purchase the digital download and make copies for each student. This applies even if the group comprises only 2 students or meets in the informality of a home.

• Schools and co-ops


• A Group License is valid for one year from purchase. This year is intended to cover one group of students completing the curriculum together; if the group of students takes longer than a year, the license will expire when they finish.

• You can renew an expired license for a yearly fee of $5/student. 

• Gaps in use are fine. You can renew a Group License even if one or more years have elapsed since it expired.


• The Teaching Guide is intended for use in a single classroom. If you would like to offer more than one class, separate Teaching guides must be purchased for each classroom.  No duplication of the Teaching guide is allowed.  If you are purchasing the digital download and would like to make copies for multiple teachers, please contact us.

• “Classroom” means all involved students are doing the curriculum in one place at the same time.

• The license is limited to 50 students, and does not include the materials each student needs to take the course. 

• Photocopying or other duplication is not permitted. Additional students need their own copy of the Student Workbook.

• Each student needs their own Student Workbook.  If you are purchasing the digital download for use in a classroom, you must purchase a group license at $5/student to make digital copies for your students.  Otherwise, each student must have their own printed version of the Student Workbook via Amazon.

• The license is non-transferable

If you have a question about the use of this product, please contact us via the “Contact Us” page.